Both a father and son have been reported to the Public Prosecution Service in Northern Ireland after the 13-year-old boy was stopped while driving a tractor on a public road in Co. Fermanagh.

A PSNI officer told Belfast Live that road policing officers in Fermanagh recently stopped a 13-year-old boy driving a tractor and round baler on the road.

"The boy, who was in convoy with his father at the time, obviously did not hold a valid driving licence or insurance.

"From the age of 13 you are allowed to operate agricultural vehicles on the farm, but not on the road.

"Both father and son will be reported to the Public Prosecution Service for a range of motoring offences," the officer said.


When did you start driving tractors?

Following this case coming to light Agriland has decided to find out when Irish farmers first start driving tractors.

It's a commonly held view in the farming community that farmers sons and daughters start driving at a young age.

A straw poll in the Agriland office found ages ranging between 7-16 for a first tractor drive.

Most farmers remember vividly the first time they took control in the cab for the first time, usually as a result of incessant nagging for the weeks, months if not years precededing the event.

When did you start:

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