The 10th annual Alltech Global Feed Survey estimates world feed production increased by 1% to 1,187.7 million metric tonnes.

The January session of the Alltech ONE Virtual Experience launched on Tuesday (January 26) with the 2021 Agri-Food Outlook, featuring insights supported by data from Alltech’s industry-leading surveys.

The presentation, which is available on-demand, highlights results from the 10th annual Alltech Global Feed Survey and the second annual Women in Food & Agriculture Survey.

Dr. Mark Lyons, president and chief executive of Alltech, explained: "Each January, we have the opportunity to re-examine the previous year and understand the implications for the new year. We collect data with the help of all of our global offices and customers, but then we dig more deeply to define the trends, the stories behind the numbers.

With data from more than 142 countries, the Alltech global feed survey is the strongest evaluation of compound feed production and prices in the industry. It is regarded as the most comprehensive data set of its kind and referenced by government groups and media throughout the world.

"Certainly, we know that 2020 was an extraordinary year. Nearly every person, company, and country around the globe faced new and unexpected challenges. Industries were challenged, too, but agriculture stood strong in spite of the strain."

China's rebound, recovering faster than expected, played a major factor in the figures, with pork production expected to increase a further 10 to 15% in 2021.

Global Feed Survey results

The 2021 Alltech Global Feed Survey showed more consolidation in the industry, with the top 10 countries now producing 63% of feed.

By region, Latin America showed the highest growth, at 4%, with AsiaPacific second, at 2%. The fastest-growing sector of the protein species was aquaculture, at 3%.

And while pig and broiler feeds showed 1% growth, the beef sector suffered a small loss of 1%

The 2021 Alltech Global Feed Survey estimates that international feed tonnage increased by 1%, to 1,187.7 million metric tonnes (MMT) of feed produced last year.

China saw 5% growth and reclaimed its position as the top feed-producing country, with 240 MMT.

Rounding out the top 10 feed-producing countries, including tonnage and growth percentage, are:

  • The U.S. (215.9 MMT, +1%);
  • Brazil (77.6 MMT, +10%);
  • India (39.3 MMT, -5%);
  • Mexico (37.9 MMT, +4%);
  • Spain (34.8 MMT, 0%);
  • Russia (31.3 MMT, +3%);
  • Japan (25.2 MMT, 0%);
  • Germany (24.9 MMT, 0%); and
  • Argentina (22.5, +7%).

Altogether, these countries account for 63% of the world’s feed production and can be viewed as an indicator of the overall trends in agriculture.

The global data, collected from more than 140 countries and more than 28,000 feed mills, indicates feed production by species as follows:

  • Broilers, 28%;
  • Pigs, 24%;
  • Layers, 14%;
  • Dairy, 11%;
  • Beef, 10%;
  • Other species, 7%;
  • Aquaculture, 4%; and
  • Pets, 2%.

The predominant growth came from the broiler, pig, aqua and pet feed sectors.

Going beyond the numbers for a holistic look at the state of the industry, the survey also incorporates qualitative questions to uncover trends such as Covid-19, sustainability and antibiotic reduction.

Alltech's 2021 Agri-Food Outlook includes discussions on five emerging trends:

  • 'China’s Rebound' with Jonathan Forrest Wilson, president of Asia, Alltech; and Winnie Wei Jia, director of customer experience, Alltech China;
  • 'A Reshaping of the Supply Chain' with Eric Glenn, global purchasing and supply chain director, Alltech; and Kathryn Britton, senior director of IMI Global Operations, Where Food Comes From, Inc.;
  • 'The Inexorable Rise of E-Commerce' with Anand Ramakrishnan Iyer, digital marketing manager, Alltech;
  • 'Health-Conscious Consumers' with Nikki Putnam Badding, director, Acutia and human nutrition initiatives, Alltech; and
  • 'Innovation Through Empathy and Inclusion' with Bianca Martins, general manager, Alltech Mexico.