A rural vintage club based in Co. Kildare - Narraghmore Vintage - is set to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest parade of Massey Ferguson tractors next month - in celebration of a big birthday.

The attempt will take place in the form of a tractor run on Thursday, April 12, in the village of Narraghmore, Co. Kildare, at 11:00am.

The record attempt will celebrate 60 years of Massey Ferguson tractors, following the merger of Massey Harris and Ferguson in the 1950s to form the iconic brand.

All types of Fergusons - old and new - are welcome, including the Ferguson Browns of the era before the merger. However, each participating machine must bear a Massey Ferguson or Ferguson badge (of some description), according to the organisers.

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Backing from top brass

The event has the backing of the top brass at Massey Ferguson (UK and Ireland) and will seek to mark the big 60th bash.

Narraghmore is seeking at least 150 Massey Ferguson or Ferguson tractors to break the current record.

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The parade will also feature live on television on RTE 1 programme Big Week on the Farm.

Speaking about the event, club chairman John Treacy said: "It's on in Narraghmore village, going to St. Laurence's GAA club on the 'Green Road' - as we call it."

The route itself will be about two and a half miles long, the chairman added.

People will meet up from 9:00am onwards, and the departure time is 12:00pm. An official will be present from the Guinness Book of World Records to verify that all participating tractors actually qualify.

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"The party will drive down to St. Laurence’s GAA club and we'll park up. We're going to have food down there for everyone who's driving. We're also going to have trade stalls and hopefully some sort of entertainment.

Diamond jubilee

"It's in conjunction with Massey; it didn't really start off that way. Massey came on board to celebrate its diamond jubilee."

Massey Ferguson is sponsoring the event, providing paraphernalia and collectibles. It will also provide a 'diamond pin' souvenir for participants to mark the 60 years.

"Participants can come from far and wide," John noted.

"Some are coming from counties Cork, Tyrone and Galway - we even have a man coming over from Switzerland. He's not bringing his tractor; he's coming to see the event.

He saw the event on Facebook and sent a picture of his tractor saying: 'I won't be bringing it but I'd like to see your event.' We said: 'Come on; we'll get you a tractor!'

Regarding Big Week on the Farm, John said: "It'll be filming in the morning, to have parts of that for footage, and then they'll be filming it live from St. Laurence's Football Club at 7:00pm.

"For anyone who's into their Masseys it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the Guinness World Record attempt; they don't come around that often."

Anyone interested in taking part can contact the Narraghmore Vintage Club by email on: [email protected] or on the club's Facebook page.

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