IrelandOffline has launched a broadband availability portal this morning, entitled 'Can I get broadband'.

The protal shows what broadband options are available around your area and what each provider can supply and also allows you to calculate how far you are from each exchange or cell site among many other facilities.

Chairman of IrelandOffline Eamonn Wallace said: “This ability to measure distance gives a broadband seeker a fair idea of what speeds they are likely to receive from their provider. We hope consumers will find the information useful. We will be expanding on our information base over the next few weeks and have lots of plans for the website. Over time the site will evolve into a central resource for all broadband seekers.”

Wallace added: “Not all providers have supplied us with information, some were extremely helpful some just plain refused to provide any information. We would like to thank those providers that have given us the necessary data to plot their coverage in detail. Those that refused to provide any information clearly demonstrate how these providers hold their consumers in contempt as they are not willing to provide clear and necessary information to those consumers to allow the consumer to make an informed choice.”

Wallace continued: “If you are not currently represented on our map please feel free to contact us and for details of what is required and we can include those details.”