Climate change: ‘With the right support…farmers can be part of the solution’

The announcement of a new agriculture transformation programme to help farmers contribute positively to the climate emergency was welcomed by Scottish Land & Estates and WWF Scotland.

The two organisations have previously jointly called for such a fund to be established and, following the announcement by Fergus Ewing, cabinet secretary for rural economy, this was achieved.

Farmers are increasingly feeling the impacts of a changing climate but with the right support they can be a vital part of the solution.

Untapped opportunity

There is significant untapped opportunity in the agriculture sector to further reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but high upfront costs represent a significant barrier to uptake.

This additional funding can support the industry to reduce emissions, protect our natural carbon stores and improve efficiencies in food production.

“It’s great to see this additional funding that will help farmers produce food in a way that reduces emissions and locks up more carbon,” said Sheila George, food and environment policy manager at WWF Scotland.

By adapting our methods, Scotland could be at the forefront of the global transition to climate-friendly farming.

Eleanor Kay, policy adviser at Scottish Land & Estates, said: “To meet the ambitious Government target of net-zero emissions by 2045, it’s clear transformational change will be needed.

“This hard-won additional funding will enable land managers to embrace new farming methods which reduce emissions, whilst still producing the high-quality food Scotland is known for,” she concluded.