A London-based company is seeking to revolutionise the UK meat market by delivering what it proclaims to be ‘carbon negative meat‘ straight to consumers’ doors.

The Ethical Butcher food wholesaler likens itself to a craft brewery describing its produce as “craft beef”.

The company hopes to roll out the service in the next few months, after an online crowdfunding campaign began this week.

The Ethical Butcher will be working with the Pastures for Life Association to familiarise farmers with a specialised holistic management course, which it hopes will support those farmers in managing their land in order to “offset carbon emissions and work towards the production of carbon negative meant”.

According to the United Nations, this type of management could potentially reverse historical soil carbon losses.

Farshad Kazemian, chief executive officer said: “Having worked in the meat industry for over 15 years in Smithfield Market and beyond, I understand that quality and sustainability are absolutely paramount if the industry is to flourish in the long term.”

Kazemian added that the criticism faced by the meat sector is what prompted him to take action.

This is why I’m kick-starting a ‘craft beef’ revolution: to give consumers the high quality meat products they desire, whilst ensuring the production process reflects and respects growing concerns surrounding climate change and sustainable food production.

He claimed this way of farming can add up to one inch of new soil per year – a process that could take between 500 to 1,000 years to occur naturally.

But it seems the public view the idea as much more than just a gimmick, already Kazemian has raised just over 40% of his £350,000 target.

“The crowdfunding campaign will give us the kick-start we need to become the number one supplier of ethical meat, so that our valued and respected industry can play its crucial part in combating the effects of climate change,” he explained.