Danish Pig Genetics (DG) has expanded its international presence through international collaboration with expertise from the science and technology company AbacusBio, the Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics of Aarhus University.

DG is developing its own genomic evaluation system for routine breeding index calculation across breeding programs.

The Danish Genetics Evaluation System (DGENES) will combine millions of datapoints from farm recording with genomic data in a Genomic BLUP, to produce the breeding index.

The genetic and genomic software package DMU from Aarhus University is used with technical support to ensure the successful operation of the software on internal DG computer servers.

The operational statistical genetic models for crunching millions of data points are being developed in collaboration with AbacusBio.

The breeding goal is delivered by DG’s bioeconomic model, which weights the traits under selection by the economic value of each trait to secure the highest production profit for the pork producers along the value chain.

Use of genomic data

In addition, DG is using genomic data obtained from their 100% genomic selection concept, where the DNA information is provided by Neogen.

Danish Pig Genetics has added strong technical and operational expertise to their team, which now makes it possible to insource genomic evaluation and breeding index formulation.

Dr. Mahmoud Shirali, senior geneticist at DG ,said:

“At Danish Genetics we innovate, and to do that we use the best-in-market expertise, to produce our robust breeding index.

That is why we are collaborating with global partners AbacusBio for their expertise in genetic evaluation and breeding program design, as well as Aarhus University for their internationally recognized genetic evaluation software DMU and the technical service provided with that.

DGENES is expected to be ready for full operation and release from spring of 2021.