The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has set down a new environmental strategy, in which it outlines its plans for a “green and healthy future”.

In the new guidelines, the department laid out how farmers could help in creating what it calls a “healthy and resilient natural world”.

Farmers play a vital role in maintaining the long-term health of our countryside. We will foster a model of resilient and environmentally-sound farming, with high standards of animal and plant health.

The new strategy outlines four objectives for Defra, including it’s ambition to “lead the world in food, farming and fisheries with a sustainable model of food production”.

The objectives also reference Brexit, with the guidelines saying that Defra wants a positive break with the EU, which they claim will allow them to set world-wide standards in environmental protection.

“To deliver a safe and ambitious departure from the EU, setting global standards in protecting and harnessing value from the natural environment,” reads the new strategy.

Defra’s other objectives include leading the world in food and farming, and creating a sustainable model of food production.

Defra is also seeking to develop a “world-class delivery capability”, and pass on a protected natural environment to future generations.

The new guidelines include 10 goals Defra is aiming for, among them sustainable farming and food; flourishing wildlife and native species; thriving rural economies and communities; and protecting animals and plants from health risks.