Berthoud – a French firm that is known to many Irish tillage farmers – has launched new mounted and trailed sprayers.

These machines will likely hit the Irish market shortly. Berthoud sprayers are handled by Murphy Machinery (Kilkenny) in the Republic of Ireland and by Burkes of Cornascriebe in Northern Ireland.

The company’s latest generation of tractor-mounted sprayers – known as Hermes – features a new “modern and compact design”. It reduces ‘overhang’ by up to 30cm compared with existing models, thanks to a narrower profile.

Its close coupling, says Berthoud, leads to improved weight distribution on the tractor. This allows the sprayer to be used on smaller tractors than would otherwise be the case.

Hermes sprayers are available with a choice of three tank sizes (800L, 1,000L or 1,200L) and a new range of ALSR rear-folding booms (15m, 16m or 18m). The new booms are each built around three steel arms and incorporate central-pivot suspension. The machines fold to a width of just 2.55m on the road.

The key new feature is dubbed ‘EcoMatic’. This, says the firm, simplifies control of the machine and provides a “simple, pre-defined sequential rinse procedure”.

New trailed machines

Berthoud also recently introduced a new trailed sprayer – the Vantage.

It won the ‘Sprayer of the Year’ award at this year’s SIMA show in Paris.

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Berthoud says that the Vantage has all the features expected on a modern high-spec trailed sprayer, including axle suspension (Actiflex II) and ISOBUS technology – either with Berthoud’s own VT Tronic touch-screen or with data being transmitted directly to the tractor’s own (ISOBUS-enabled) display.


“The Vantage is the sprayer for farmers who want to combine application precision, high
working speed and comfort,” said François-Xavier Janin, Head of Products at Berthoud Crops.

The Vantage replaces the existing Tenor range of trailed sprayers. According to Berthoud, a number of existing, “proven” features have been carried over from those machines, including the Omega pump.

Worryingly or encouragingly, Berthoud is not afraid to get ’emotional’ about its latest creation. In a statement, it said that the Vantage has an “original personality that can be seen in its style”. It claims that the combination of the dark colour and the elongated tank line gives the new sprayer a “sporty” look. It’s rare that a sprayer is described as sporty, but we applaud the enthusiasm that the French firm evidently has for its machines.

In any case, the new Vantage line-up comprises five models, with capacities of 2,800L, 3,500L, 4,300L, 5,500L and 6,700L. Five different boom types are available, ranging from 24m to 44m (Axiale II, Kondor, Ektar B2, Ektar B3 and Axiale 36/38).