Compact tractors are useful tools but their performance may, under certain conditions, be constrained by limited hydraulics, be it flow rate or the issue of overheating.

Ecotech, an engineering company from Austria specialising in attachments for ground-care and municipal maintenance, has come up with an answer.

PTO-driven hydraulics

The company has launched an auxiliary pump and oil reservoir unit which is mounted on the rear linkage and is driven by the tractor’s power take-off (PTO).

This allows smaller compacts, or those without a front PTO, to work attachments that would otherwise require larger tractors to operate.

Gear pump hydraulic
The 25L/min gear pumps sits on top of the reservoir and is driven by the PTO

It can deliver up to 25L/min of cooled oil to front-mounted road-sweeping or weed brush attachments, allowing a continuous flow even when working in hot conditions.

25L/min may not sound a great rate but most compact tractors deliver a good deal less than 20L/min, so this represents a significant improvement.

Keeping it cool

Over-heated oil can play havoc with non metallic components within a tractor’s transmission system and a continuous flow under load will soon warm it up to dangerous temperatures.

Ecotech fan on oil pump
The cooling fan is thermostatically controlled

By using a separate reservoir for the oil and diverting it through a radiator, cooled by a thermostatically-operated fan, this problem is avoided.

There is also an adjustable pressure relief valve which provides the required working pressure for different attachments, the maximum being 140bar.

Ecotech water tank

A feature of the Ecotech rear hydraulic unit is that it can be operated in combination with the the company’s 200L Eco Water Tank which piggybacks on top of the unit, essential for dust suppression.

The Ecotech rear hydraulic unit is suitable for tractors up to 50hp and allows them to remain manoeuvrable thanks to its compact attachment.