End to beef processing at Llanidloes ‘another blow for the industry’

The closure of beef processing lines at Llanidloes has been described as “another blow for the industry” by the Farmers’ Union of Wales.

Privately-owned meat processing company Randall Parker Foods specialises in beef and lamb but has decided to stop accepting cattle at its abattoir in Llanidloes, Powys.

It leaves just one major beef processor in Wales.

A spokesman for RPF told the BBC, the decision was “down to falling volumes, negative margins and spiralling costs of production”.

Speaking from his North Wales farm, FUW president Glyn Roberts said: “We completely understand the economic reasons for stopping the beef processing by Randall Parker Foods at the Llanidloes site. However, it is bad news for our farmers.

We now have to travel further again, and it will be more expensive for producers to take the beef to an abattoir further afield. In addition, the levy for the beef going across the border will remain in England, which is a double blow.

“Moving forward, we need to have a closer look at processing facilities here in Wales, to ensure that it works for environmentally conscious consumers, processors and of course producers.”

Randall Parker Foods

Randall Parker Foods has two main processing sites are located in Powys, Wales (formerly Hamers International) and Andover, Hampshire (formerly H.M. Bennett Ltd.). The firm specialises in lamb and serves a range of markets from retail to wholesale at home and for export.

The firm is part of the Randall Parker Food Group of companies, that includes Weddel Swift Trading and Distribution.