Northern Irish firm Quad-X will showcase its miniature dump trailer (pictured above) at this month’s LAMMA show in England – an event that many Irish manufacturers will bring their wares to.

The event takes place on January 17 and 18.

Alongside the diminutive dump trailer (on Quad-X’s stand) will be an ATV-compatible ‘Power Shredder’ mower. In fact, the company claims to offer more than 100 different attachments for ATVs and quad bikes; most are aimed at farming, utility or grounds-care activities.

The Northern Irish company says that its ATV dump trailer has become a “hot favourite” among landscapers and even farmers looking for a small-scale, commercial-spec trailer with a capacity of up to 1t.

With options for manual, hydraulic or electric-hydraulic tipping, the trailer is designed to be used behind a large ATV, a UTV or a compact tractor.

Also on the stand will be Quad-X’s ‘Power Shredder’ mower (pictured below) – a machine designed to shred dense vegetation leaving a finely-chopped residue for faster decomposition. The company says that it can work on ground that might be too wet for a conventional tractor and flail mower to access.


Quad-X is also known for its range of weed control attachments – again designed for use behind ATVs and UTVs. It also builds weed wipers for use with 4X4 vehicles.

For example, the so-called ‘Wipeout’ is a patented machine that can detect weeds and apply chemical automatically – allowing the operator to concentrate on driving. Quad-X says, thanks to its double-roller system, the Wipeout can deliver a weed kill of “up to 100% in one pass”.

Since it only applies chemical to the weeds without touching the grass, it can supposedly save “up to 97% of chemical costs” – a lofty claim indeed.