Farmers urged to have their say on agriculture policy post-Brexit

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) is requesting farmers’ views on its recently-published discussion document on Brexit and options for a new domestic agricultural policy.

The union released the paper to stimulate thinking and spark further debate in the rural community; particularly about support structures post-Brexit.

The document outlines ten key goals, regarding Bexit, under four priority areas: trade; agricultural support; regulation; and labour.

It also summarises a potential structure of future support, with all farmers having access to the baseline measures and being able to then apply to any of the modular measures.

ufu brexit policy discussion document
Possible future NI and UK support system for agriculture – UFU discussion document

It is essential that the UK government maintains “at least” the existing level of support for farmers post-Brexit, stressed the UFU.

While the UK government has promised support for 2019, after that things are much less certain, said UFU President Barclay Bell.

The delivery system for future funding is likely to change and we have an ideal opportunity to design one that is better suited to UK agriculture and creates conditions for a more productive, sustainable and resilient sector.

“This discussion paper is the first step in a process looking at a new domestic agricultural policy, and in particular future direct support structures.

“Farming plays a vital role in the economy, rural communities and managing the countryside and it is crucial that politicians listen to farmers in order to get Brexit right for agriculture,” Barclay concluded.

Farmers can submit their views on the UFU Brexit discussion document via an online feedback form on its website.

“Brexit is the biggest thing to happen in 40 years and it is vital that you have your say. We will also be organising meetings with members over the summer to discuss the paper further,” said the UFU president.

The feedback form is open to submissions from individuals only. The UFU will meet with other local industry and environmental stakeholders to get their views also.

The online feedback form for ‘Brexit: Options for a domestic agricultural policy’ is available at: