Farming making money from the newest crop – farm data

Farms generate a huge amount of data and this volume is growing exponentially. However, generating insights and value from this data will, in many cases, include data sharing.

The originator of the data – in most cases the farmer – retains ‘control’ over that data and can ‘permission’ it to be shared and used by partners in the whole supply chain.

As the theme for the 2019 Oxford Farming Conference conveys, there is a ‘World of Opportunity’ here.

Farmers are, however, understandably still cautious about sharing what for many is seen as their competitive advantage – how they farm their land.

Map of Ag is holding a fringe event at the 2019 Oxford Farming Conference which will explore this situation and propose business concepts where farmers can be properly rewarded for contributing farm data in a secure and permissioned environment.

‘A new crop’

For the first time, data can be viewed as a new crop for farmers as it can generate value for them and their farm operations, whilst giving them control over what happens to their data.

Cheshire farmer, Andy Venables of Hills Green, will start off the fringe event with a presentation on insights generated through farm data.

Following this, there will be a special panel session with Jim Williams from Map of Ag, Clive Blacker from Precision Decisions, an arable precision farming company and James Husband representing the Evidence Group Ltd, a company specialised in creating value from veterinary and livestock data.

The latter two companies have recently been acquired by Map of Ag as part of its strategy to connect the agri-food supply chain.

The Map of Ag Fringe Event will be held on Thursday, January 3, 2019, between 9:00am and 9:45am and will take place in Room 11 of The Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford.

Founded in 2012 by New Zealand farmer Forbes Elworthy, Map of Ag is a global pioneer in agricultural analysis and modelling technology.

The firm uses pioneering data modelling and analytics, their solutions enable sound decision making for any business within the agri-food supply chain based on accurate, timely information.

Map of Ag provides services on a global basis from offices in the UK, Argentina and New Zealand.