The Global Dairy Trade (GDT) price index has risen by 2.8% at the latest trading event held today (Tuesday, April 2), which is the first increase since February 2024.

The index increased from 1,055 at the previous event and now stands at 1,084. Today’s increase in the GDT price index comes after two consecutive declines last month.

A total of 18,737MT of products were sold at the trading event for an average price of $3,558/MT. Of 168 participating bidders, 108 were winning bidders across 21 rounds.

Source: GDT

Anhydrous milk fat, butter, butter milk powder, cheddar, lactose, skim milk powder (SMP), and whole milk powder (WMP) were sold at the 353rd event held today.


The biggest increase was recorded in the price index of cheddar at 4.1% to $4,340/MT. The price indexes of SMP, WMP, and anhydrous milk fat also increased at the event.

The GDT price indexes for WMP and SMP rose by 3.4% and 1.4% with average prices paid of $3,246/MT and $2,550/MT respectively at the latest event.

Anhydrous milk fat and butter recorded increases of 2.3% and 3.1% in their price indexes to average prices of $6,934/MT and $6,592/MT respectively.

The price index of lactose declined by 3.1% to $753/MT, while the price index of butter milk powder fell by 0.5% at today’s trading event to an average price of $2,496/MT.