Improvements to Hi-Spec spreader will see manure evenly spread to 24m

Hi-Spec Engineering has decided to give its Xcel 1250 manure spreader a complete overhaul on its 10 year anniversary.

The new Xcel 1250 incorporates significant improvements over the previous model including the ability to accurately and evenly spread to 24m, following extensive field trials and customer feedback.

Using a rotary chain and flail system the new model is designed to achieve a good break up of material, which is then spread using a pair of spinning discs.

As part of the updates, the spreading disc speed has been increased, resulting in the Xcel 1250 now having the capacity to achieve an even spread pattern up to 24m, compared to 20m previously.

This will have the benefit of reducing wheelings in the field, but where Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) is carried out, this will allow the spreader to be run on the permanent tramlines up to the widest 12m spacing.

Meanwhile, the shredding rotor carries 22 heavy duty chains, which in turn carry 12mm Hardox flail heads, carried under a 4mm Hardox hood.

This design aims to shred all the material to an even consistency and ensure no lumps are deposited onto the spreading rotors.

A new addition to the 2016 model is an adjustment plate on the shredding rotor hood, which improves the spread pattern as the manure is now better placed onto the spreading discs.

The 12t spreader takes between three to five minutes to discharge and is able to spread all types of material such as farmyard manure, sludge cake, muck lime, wood mulch and chicken compost.

Additional updates to the Xcel 1250, which retails at €41,500, include a a move to straight body sides and a larger opening towards the rear of the machine, which helps prevent material bridging.

In order to improve feed to the shredding rotor Hi-Spec has introduced a new single slat marine grade floor chain design, which now incorporates floor slats with closer spacing than the original models.

A hydraulic motor with overload protection and variable speed adjustment powers the floor chain, while drive to the shredding rotor is via a PTO drive through heavy duty, 200 horsepower, Comer gearboxes.


The flow of material to the shredding rotor can be regulated at the rear of the machine by a hydraulically operated, vertical slurry door.

The spreading discs have an option of lighter vanes which can be specified for low density material, such as chicken compost.

Galvanised steel is used extensively for the lower chassis, access ladder, rear hood and slurry door, while the Xcel 1250 body is shot blasted and finished with two pack epoxy paint.

The standard specification includes 580/70-R38 radial tyres for low rolling resistance and low compaction, while a commercial axle fitted with hydraulic brakes is also included as standard.