A rare, new opportunity has opened to manage 1,200 commercial Texel/Beltex ewes on the Matfen Estate in Northumberland, England.

The operation is run as a joint venture under a contract arrangement.

The successful applicants will have practical and managerial skills to take on the day-to-day management and operation of the existing livestock enterprise.

Excellent animal husbandry skills, attention to detail and a good business focus are essential.

Matfen Home Farms

As part of the arrangement, Matfen Home Farms will provide the land, buildings, stock and working capital, with the contractor expected to provide labour, management and relevant machinery.

Estate manager James Barber and agricultural consultant from Active Business Partnerships, Angus Bell, went through various scenarios and came up with a contract farming formula.

“Joint ventures are on the rise as farmers plan ways to become more efficient and we felt it was the right approach for the farm business,” explained estate manager James Barber.

“Various contract farming arrangements will be considered and accommodation can be made available if required.

There will be opportunities to expand the flock, build up a share of the enterprise and diversify by mutual agreement.

The arrangement includes a profit-sharing incentive to reward results achieved while developing the enterprise.

“Ultimately, Matfen Estate owner, Sir. Hugh Blackett, would like to create a long-term opportunity for an individual or family wishing to get a step on the farming ladder based around the sheep enterprise.

“For the right individual there is scope to expand and diversify the enterprise as well as an opportunity to build up equity in the value of the stock,” added James.


Expressions of interest should be made to James Barber by email at: [email protected] by Friday, February 28, 2020.

Tender information is available on request.