The latest results of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) funded research on soft fruit, particularly looking at pest and disease control, will be revealed on November 21.

A significant part of the AHDB and East Malling Research run ‘Soft Fruit Day’ in Kent will focus on the wide-ranging research being dedicated to Spotted Wing Drosophila control in all soft fruit crops, with the latest progress being announced.

Key presentations on Spotted Wing Drosophila will cover national monitoring and spray intervals, the use of bait sprays for control and optimising attractants and repellents for use in control strategies.

Results of new trials on the use of garlic to reduce insect pests in strawberries will be made available.

Updated information will also be revealed on rose thrips on strawberries and their contribution to the malformation of fruit.

AHDB knowledge exchange manager, Scott Raffle, said: “AHDB continues to fund a vast number of projects which are investigating the pest and disease problems that continually challenge soft fruit growers and lead to a reduction in revenue every year.

Some very interesting progress has been made this season, and growers, agronomists and industry technologists attending the day will receive a comprehensive roundup of the most exciting developments.

In addition to crop protection research, delegates at the event will learn about the EU-funded Fertinnowa project on water and nutrient management and the latest developments at NIAB East Malling Research Station’s Wet Centre.