Grass and Muck 2016 attracted thousands of machinery lovers and enthusiasts to Gurteen College, Co. Tipperary yesterday.

The event organised by the Farm Tractor and Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) featured the very latest in grass and farm machinery.

The main national and international machinery companies were present and here we take a look at what 'farmer' or 100 horsepower tractors were on offer.

Grass and Muck 'farmer tractors'

Massey Ferguson 5610

Massey Ferguson showed its 5610 model. According to the company the tractor has a max horsepower of 105 and is fitted with the ACGO Power 4.4L four cylinder engine.

[caption id="attachment_119518" align="aligncenter" width="728"]grass and muck Massey Ferguson 5610[/caption]

The tractor is fitted with a Dyna-4 transmission and the company says the tractor provides excellent manoeuvrability for hard work in the field, yard or on the road.

The Massey Ferguson also boasts an impressive lift capacity of 4,300kg, meaning that heavy-mounted equipment can be lifted with ease.

[caption id="attachment_119523" align="aligncenter" width="728"]Grass and muck The Massey Ferguson 5610 boasts a lift capacity of 4,300kg.[/caption]

New Holland T4.105

The New Holland T4 range of tractors were also on display and these tractors were designed with livestock and small mixed farmers in mind.

According to the company, its T4.105 model is powered by the 3.4L four cylinder F5C engine, which incorporates state-of-the-art common rail technology for precision fueling.

[caption id="attachment_119529" align="aligncenter" width="728"]Grass and muck New Holland T4.105[/caption]

The T4.105 can lift 3,884kg, which is more than its own weight. New Holland say the award winning Lift-O-Matic Plus technology allows this to be done with just one finger.

[caption id="attachment_119531" align="alignright" width="728"]Grass and muck The rear lift on the New Holland T4.105 is capable of lifting 3,334kg.[/caption]

John Deere 6110R

John Deere also showcased its 110 horsepower 6110R tractor. The tractor has a FT4 engine which combines performance and fluid economy, the company reports.

The tractor has a 4.5L engine containing four cylinders and it also has a horse power reserve of 20 for difficult and testing conditions.

[caption id="attachment_119540" align="alignright" width="728"]Grass and muck John Deere 6110R[/caption]

The John Deere 6110R has a rear lift capacity of 3,810kg and the company says that it can handle bales or big mowers with ease.

Case International Farmall Upro 105U

German machinery manufacturer Case International also showed its Farmall Upro 105U tractor.

The company reports that the 105 horsepower tractor has the ability to handle every day tasks on livestock, dairy and arable farms.

[caption id="attachment_119550" align="alignright" width="728"]grass and muck Case International Farmall Upro 105U[/caption]

The tractor is fitted with a Case International FPT four cylinder, 3.4L turbocharged and intercooled engine.

The tractor range also has a 40kph semi-power-shift transmission and has a rear linkage lift capacity of 5,424kg.

grass and muck

Deutz-Fahr 5100G MD GS

Deutz-Fahr were also represented at Grass and Muck 2016 showing its 97 horsepower tractor, the Deutz-Fahr 5100G MD GS.

The tractor has a three cylinder engine and can reach a top speed of 40km/hour, due to its 20x20 gear box.

[caption id="attachment_119559" align="alignright" width="728"]Deutz-Fahr 5100G MD Deutz-Fahr 5100G MD GS[/caption]

The 5100G MD GS also has a rear lifting capacity of 3,600kg and it also features a 'stop and go' shuttle, the company reports.

[caption id="attachment_119563" align="alignright" width="728"]Inside the Deutz-Fahr 5100G MD GS Inside the Deutz-Fahr 5100G MD GS[/caption]