Nominations to the National Pig Association’s (NPA) Pig Industry Group (PIG) are now open and chair of the association, Rob Mutimer, has said the need for strong pig industry representation has never been greater.

NPA producer and allied industry representatives can now put themselves forward for election in the new year to what has been dubbed a “streamlined” PIG by the NPA.

The deadline for nominations to PIG is January 8, 2024.

The 2024 PIG elections will coincide with the reduction in size of the group from 17 members to 12, with eight producer representatives and four from the NPA’s allied industries.

“NPA will be a more important voice than ever as the industry sets out a new path and as we try and get the best outcome for members from the contractual review legislation, and also ensure we avoid being hit by costly, prohibitive legislation going forward,” Mutimer said.

“The PIG is a brilliant mix of people from the allied industry and producers, and to make sure we move the industry forward, we need the best people to put their heads above the parapet for election.

“PIG does the industry the world of good and the NPA team needs the guidance and insight of those at the sharp end right across the industry.”

If pig producers are unhappy with anything, Mutimer said PIG is a “real opportunity” to make a difference and influence government policy.

The NPA said the pig industry is undergoing a time of change, with a number of longstanding members stepping down.

This, the association said, presents opportunities for new people with fresh ideas to “come forward with their vision” of how the pig industry should look as it recovers and restructures.

PIG members

PIG members are expected to attend four meetings a year, two of which are online, and contribute their views on key policy topics.

NPA chair, Rob Mutimer. Source: NPA

They are also expected to sometimes helping the NPA team out in selected policy areas, including sitting on smaller groups.

“It is not onerous and brings real benefits,” Mutimer said.

“Networking is very important, and PIG is a great opportunity to mix with a wide range of forward-thinking influencers from all parts of the sector.”

Mutimer said he will be putting his own name forward for election to PIG, but said he does not intend to continue as NPA chair, after three years in the role.

Producers will be elected to PIG on the basis of the most votes received, rather than on a regional basis.

Efforts will be made to ensure a balance between indoor and outdoor production and independent and corporate producers, the NPA said.

Allied members will be elected via most votes in four categories – buildings/equipment, health, marketing/processing and nutrition.

Producers will only vote for producers, and allied industry for allied industry, with one vote per membership.