Kelly's of Borris will hold a "jam-packed" Tillage Information Day this Tuesday, November 28.

Sprayers, drills and rollers will be the key highlights. Horsch and Dal-Bo tillage equipment - which will be front and centre at the event - will be on display from 10:00am.

New Horsch seed drills will be on display, as well as cultivators and sprayers. Representatives from Horsch and Dal-Bo will be in attendance on the day to answer customer queries.

Dal-Bo is best known for its rollers but also manufactures a range of seedbed preparation equipment.

Horsch has built up a reputation for its sprayers, in particular, over recent years. Its 'Boom Control Pro' system is claimed to ensure that sprayer efficacy is not compromised by carrying the boom at an excessive height.

This involves using a 25cm spacing on the boom, as opposed to the regular 50cm interval. Because nozzles are spaced at 25cm, water volume can be doubled and spray drift reduced.

Horsch also employs ISOBUS technology on its sprayers, making nozzle switching easy; this is said to result in more efficient application, through the use of field mapping.

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At 7:00pm on Tuesday evening there will be a product presentation, which will focus on sprayers and the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS).

There will also be information on TAMS grants and how to apply; this will apparently be available throughout the day.

While Kelly's of Borris is showing off its new machinery on the day, there will also be a large display of second-hand equipment. The company has said that there will be "knock-down" prices - with 'Black Tuesday' offers.

Some of the second-hand machines that will be on display on the day will include: Horsch; Vaderstad; Kuhn; and Amazone drills - as well as Hardi; Berthoud; and John Deere sprayers.