Ploeger's recently-launched three-wheeled contraption (or trike – as such machines are known in continental Europe) was at LAMMA last week.

It boasts all-wheel-drive, “optimal weight distribution” and “simple operation” – or so says the manufacturer.

The new machine – dubbed the AT4103 – is primarily an application equipment ‘platform’. At LAMMA, the machine was mated with a high-capacity muck spreader.

The company says that, with a suitable 'de-mount' machine on board, it is also ideal for spreading liquid or dry fertiliser.

The cab may look familiar; it's sourced from Claas.

The machine is notable for its long wheelbase. However, despite this, its tight-turning (driven) front wheel enables it to swing about – in a radius not much bigger than the machine’s overall length.

It was first seen (pictured below) at Agritechnica (Germany) - back in November of last year (carrying a tanker).


Of course, it’s not the first machine to employ a ‘trike’ configuration. Vervaet, for example, has long since offered its three-wheeled Hydro-Trike. There is such a machine here in Ireland – in Co. Galway to be exact. It is gainfully employed by a contractor, as a self-propelled slurry tanker and injection rig.

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Who Or What Is Ploeger?

Ploeger – now part of the wider Ploeger Oxbo Group (POG) – describes itself as a manufacturer of specialised harvesting and application equipment.

The group not only includes Ploeger itself; it also encompasses BourgoinOxbo and PMC. It has manufacturing locations in the Netherlands, France and England, as well as three facilities in the US.

There is an extensive range of equipment – for harvesting vegetables, root crops, seed corn, grapes, olives, raisins, berries and even coffee. In particular, Oxbo is quite well-known in the US for its range of belt-type grass (hay and forage) swathers and groupers; there’s even a self-propelled model in the line-up.