Tesco UK has confirmed that it will be removing young bulls from its branded beef range in the UK from the end of 2016.

A spokesperson for the retail giant said this move follows the continuous review to improve the quality and consistency of its products for customers.

‘All of our beef is produced according to high animal welfare and food quality standards and meet industry guidelines.

"In the UK, we will continue to use young bulls in our mince, burgers and meatballs and Boswell Farms ranges; but will be removing them from Tesco Brand beef products by the end of 2016," the spokesperson said.

It is understood that UK beef makes up the majority of Tesco's branded beef range, while Irish and UK beef is marketed under its Boswell Farm brand.

The company has also also said it has been working with Irish processors to help them understand the impacts of changes and provide sufficient time and options to allow for implementation.

UK processor moves away for young bull beef

Following the move by Tesco UK, St Merryn Foods, a UK beef processor owned by the 2 Sisters group announced in late April it would stop killing young bulls later this year.

According to the company, this comes after increasing numbers of retail customers have determined that they no longer wish to use beef from young bulls in their premium or standard ranges.

The company suggests that its ability and desire to process these animals will be reduced as the range of outlets for young bull beef will be limited.

The beef processor says that the use of young bull beef in premium or standard ranges will be phased out over a number of months to help ease a transition period for the bull producers affected.