Tesco has launched a ‘Best of British’ page on its groceries website, making it accessible for customers across the UK to shop British-grown and produced food, while supporting British farmers and producers in the process.

The site aims to bring together more than 500 British products, including hundreds of locally-produced items, allowing Tesco’s online customers to browse and pick their favourite products.

Customers will be able to shop the “best quality, affordable fresh produce”, including fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products.

They will also be able to browse a range of recipes inspired by traditional British favourites, such as a spring potato salad, and apple and berry crumble.  

The ‘Best of British’ page is the latest in a series of steps by Tesco to help support its British farmers, producers and growers. Tesco has provided support in the region of £75 million for its beef, lamb, pork, chicken and egg farmers.

Tesco’s chief commercial officer said:

“Supporting British farmers, growers and suppliers remains critical to ensuring we have a robust food industry here, and we count ourselves as proud champions of British agriculture, striving to source produce from the UK.”

Tesco has also established a series of Sustainable Farming Groups to help share knowledge and trial innovations that can help improve animal welfare, reduce on-farm emissions and protect biodiversity.

The Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group (TSDG) guarantees all of Tesco’s fresh milk farmers a fair price for every pint of milk they produce. 

Support for farmers across Tesco’s Sustainable Farming Groups includes:

  • The 447 British dairy farmers that make up the TSDG continue to be paid on a cost of production+ model for the fresh milk they supply to Tesco, ensuring a consistent fair price;
  • Tesco paid £40 million above market price over the 2023 calendar year to TSDG farmers;
  • All 117 Tesco Sustainable Lamb Group farmers are paid a bonus above the factory price for delivering against key environmental and welfare metrics;
  • During 2023/24 Tesco paid £2.95 million in bonuses to its Tesco Sustainable Beef Group farmers;
  • Tesco continues to invest in sustainable feed cost models, ensuring fair and transparent pricing for our own brand egg and poultry suppliers, in recognition that feed represents over 70% of their cost of production.  

Member of Parliament for Bosworth, Dr. Luke Evans said that this news is a step forward in supporting food growers and producers and that “buy British” section gives consumers greater choice.

Tesco dairy farmer, Amie Lovatt said that the farming sector has gone through tough times, so it is “vital” British produce continues to be “championed” by companies across the food industry.