On Wednesday (August 25) MartEye alongside Norton and Brooksbank hosted the first part of the Boghill Glamour herd dispersal sale for M. McCollum and D. McAfee, which saw a 3-month old Holstein heifer sell for a whopping 40,000gns.

The dispersal sale of the Boghill Glamour herd is due to take place over two days Wednesday (August 26) and Thursday (August 27).

It was mooted as one of the most anticipated and exciting events in the Holstein calendar, and it did not disappoint.

Included in first day of the sale was Europe’s number one and two Total Performance Index (TPI) Zazzle daughters.

The milking herd is averaging 10,309kg at 4.65% fat, with the cows currently averaging 35kg of milk at 4.71% fat and 3.44% protein.

The sale contains a total 442 lots with 166 lots up for sale on the first day of the sale, which mainly consist of calves.

The remainder of lots will be presented for sale tomorrow.

The top sale was an exciting price of 40,000gns or £42,000, this is equal to €49,039.

This was achieved by Lot 110 Boghill Glamour Zazzle C Carlin M ET. Born on May 28, 2021, she is has the number TPI Zazzle daughter in Europe at 3,038.

You can watch the sale of Boghill Glamour Zazzle C Carlin M ET in the video below.


Pedigree Holstein – Zazzle C Carlin K ET

The sale continued to impress with the next calf into the ring achieving the second highest price of the sale so far.

Second highest price went to Boghill Glamour Zazzle C Carlin K ET, she sold for 31,000gns or £32,550, which is €38,002.

Also born on May 21 of this year, she is the second highest TPI Zazzle daughter in Europe at 3,003.