Baling straw before the ‘Beast from the East’ in Co. Kildare

Baling straw in February isn’t the norm. However, many tillage farmers were wrapping up the 2017 harvest at the weekend. There was a tight window as some farmers finished baling when the snow arrived.

The sunshine and windy conditions over the weekend allowed farmers to finally bale straw that had been on the ground since last year’s harvest.

Constant rainfall led to difficult harvest conditions from August to October and many crops of straw were left on the ground as a result.

Yields of straw baled over the weekend and into Monday were back due to overwinter losses, but the straw in the video below came in at a moisture content of 13.5%.

Image Source: Adrian Leech Photography

The straw below was baled outside Sallins in Co. Kildare. Kieran Kelly – a contractor from Booleigh, Co. Kildare – didn’t get a chance to bale the straw since last September. The bales will be used for bedding and some of the headland bales may go for composting.

Image source: Adrian Leech Photography

A Lely Hibiscus 715 CD rake was used to toss the straw and was pulled by a John Deere 7530. This was followed by a John Deere 7820 with a Massey Ferguson 2190 baler.

John Anderson – of Wanders On – was on hand with the video camera, while Adrian Leech Photography took some shots.