Video: Header trailer ‘cuts no corners’ in transportation

Transporting the header of a combine harvester, along with the combine itself, can often prove to be something of a headache for tillage farmers and contractors at this time of the year.

With long harvester and header ‘combine-ations’ on the road, navigating awkward field entrances and narrow gateways can pose a problem – particularly for those not used to driving such machinery.

However, French equipment manufacturer Cochet may have the solution to these problems – in the shape of its 4WD header trailer.

Kitted out with two guiding axles, Cochet’s trailer is designed to follow the combine harvester without cutting corners. This allows for the various manoeuvres and U-turns that are necessary for combine operators during the hectic harvesting period, Cochet claims.

According to the manufacturer, the length of the combine trailer is the same as the width of the combine header and “doesn’t take up too much space”.


To facilitate difficult, bumpy field entrances and the like, the trailer has a rigid chassis, a tilting rear axle and a clearance of 200mm.

In terms of dimensions, trailers are available in lengths of 7.6m (25ft) up to 12m (41ft). The two “directing” axles operate on ball bearing turrets with 60mm square frames.

Wheel/tyre size is 10.5/75-15.3 for trailers measuring up to 11m; 12m trailers are fitted with bigger 235/75-17.5 wheel/tyres. The trailers come with strip LED lighting.

For anyone interested, more information is available on Cochet’s website.