The minimum wage for agricultural workers in Wales is set to increase from April 1.

Welsh Minister for Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths has today (Tuesday, March 7) signed the Agricultural Wages (Wales) Order 2023, which sets the minimum hourly wage for all agricultural, horticultural and forestry workers in Wales.

These new rates are based on the advice of the independent Agricultural Advisory Panel for Wales.

The order also amends the wording regarding annual leave year periods and the calculation of holiday pay for workers with variable hours.

And, it includes agency workers and workers employed by gang masters who may not have a contract of service directly with the employer.

In a statement, Griffiths said: “Ensuring agricultural workers receive fair pay, which recognises the important role they play in the Welsh agricultural sector whilst contributing to the rural economy, and environment, is of paramount importance and a key goal of this government.”

Griffiths said the order bolsters her commitment to supporting the viability of the agricultural sector in Wales.

“Welsh government remains committed to the objectives of the Agricultural Sector (Wales) Act 2014,” she said.

“This important piece of legislation has a direct link to combating poverty in rural Wales and supporting the objectives of the Wellbeing for Future Generations Act.”

Minimum pay rates

Under the new Agricultural Wages (Wales) Order 2023, the minimum rates of pay for the five grades of agricultural worker are as follows:

Category of Worker£ per hour
A1 – agricultural development worker (aged 16-17)£5.28
A2 – agricultural development worker (aged 18-20)£7.49
A3 – agricultural development worker (aged 21-22)£10.23
A4 – agricultural development worker (aged 23+)£10.47
B1 – agricultural worker (aged 16-17)£5.28
B2 – agricultural worker (aged 18-20)£7.49
B3 – agricultural worker (aged 21-22)£10.23
B4 – agricultural worker (aged 23+)£10.74
C – agricultural advanced worker£11.07
D – senior agricultural worker£12.14
Agricultural manager£13.32