The weekend weather forecast indicates a dry and bright day today (Friday, November 17), before more wind and rain arrives over the weekend.

The Met Office has stated that today will see a chilly but largely dry and bright start though there will be a few showers in the west at first.

The sunshine later turning hazy in the south-west into the afternoon with rain arriving after dark. Tonight will start dry with clear spells in the east, perhaps with some early frost and fog in places.

Cloud and rain will push steadily eastwards with winds strengthening. It will be mild, particularly in the south.

Weekend weather

Tomorrow, Saturday, cloud and rain will spread north and east throughout the day with some heavy bursts in places.

Sunny spells and showers will follow from the west and it will be windy, particularly near coasts.

Sunny spells are expected to return on Sunday with the risk of blustery showers which will continue into Monday, according to the Met Office.

Most places will become dry on Tuesday with a touch of frost possible in the north.

Long range outlook

From Tuesday it is likely to become drier in many areas, particularly the south and south-west, where it has been very wet of late.

Many places will be dry, though often fairly cloudy, with temperatures around, or a little above, average and any rain generally confined to the west of Scotland.

Towards the end of next week, rain may spread south over the UK and introduce cooler conditions from the north, with some wintry showers over the hills.

However, beyond this, the rest of the period is likely to be fairly changeable, with rain or showers at times, though southern areas at least will probably see less rain than of late with temperatures everywhere probably around normal for the time of year.