Massey Ferguson recently introduced a full-line up of grassland machinery at the EIMA machinery show in Italy, including mowers, tedders and rakes.

The line of hay and forage equipment is designed to meet the precise requirements of grassland farmers and contractors harvesting a range of crops in different conditions.

Designed and built in AGCO’s facility in Germany, the range of equipment is already for sale in other European countries, as well as Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Massey Ferguson DM Series Mowers

The new line of DM series mowers and mower conditioners included light, mounted disc models, front and rear-mounted mowers and centre-drawbar machines.

The range will also include trailed mower conditioners and ‘Butterfly’ folding combinations with ISObus control.

Massey Ferguson DM Series mowers are designed to cut and condition crops with care while offering a vast choice of mowers for farmers of all sizes and agricultural contractors.

These mowers include a variety of features to increase efficiency and lower operating costs, while working widths vary from 2m up to a 9.3m front and rear combination.

Source: Massey Ferguson

Source: Massey Ferguson

Many of the mowers are equipped with the award-winning driveGuard overload system. This protects the driveline with simple and easy to fit ‘tabs’ rather than shear bolts or pins.

Meanwhile, centre-drawbar mower conditioners in the range provide the benefit of being able to operate to the left and right, improving productivity and reducing the amount of time wasted.

Massey Ferguson DM Series Mowers and Mower conditioners:

  • Five mounted disc mowers from 2.06-4m working widths.
  • Two 3m and 4m wide semi-mounted mower conditioners.
  • Heavy-duty 3m trailed mower conditioner.
  • Three centre-drawbar, trailed mower conditioners.
  • 8.3-9.3m wide Butterfly-folding mowers.

TD Series Tedders Offers Working Widths from 5.2-12.7m

The TD Series Tedder range encompasses six models to suit a wide range of crop types and applications, with working widths ranging from 5.2-12.7m.

Spreading angles can be adjusted on these tedders to match all crop conditions, while the mounted tedders are available in a choice four, six or eight rotors depending on working width.

Meanwhile, two, eight or 10 rotor-trailed models are fitted to a highly manoeuvrable chassis which uses a system that double folds the machine lengthways, retaining an overall transport length of just 5.7m.

Source: Massey Ferguson

Source: Massey Ferguson

The individual rotors are driven by individual strong, hexagonal shafts through robust universal joints, to provide smooth power transmission free from back-lash.

Massey Ferguson TD Series Tedders:

  • Six models offering working widths from 5.2-12.7m.
  • Four mounted machines with four, six or eight rotors.
  • Two trailed models with eight or 10 rotors.

Mounted Or Trailed Rakes Included in the RK Series

A choice of mounted or trailed models are available in Massey Ferguson’s RK Series of rakes, which include an array of single, two and four-rotor rakes.

Delivering the swath to the right-hand side, the four single rotor rakes that are mounted on the linkage offer working widths of 3.6-4.5m.

Source: Massey Ferguson

Source: Massey Ferguson

The four different two-rotor, semi-mounted or trailed chassis, rakes with a working width up to 10m are equipped with the patented steerGUARD automatic steering system, which ensures the rake accurately follows the tractor’s wheels.

Built for contractors and large-scale farmers, the four-rotor rake provides adjustable working widths up to 12.5m, which allows operators to make the optimum swath size for the following harvester or baler.

The robust semi-mounted, trailed chassis machine is designed for transport speeds up to 50km/hr.

A headland management system automatically lifts and lowers the rear rotors on the headland, ensuring the swath ends are left neat and tidy.

Source: Massey Ferguson

Source: Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson RK Series Rakes:

  • Four single rotor, linkage mounted rakes, with working widths of 3.6-4.5m.
  • Four, two-rotor, semi-mounted, trailed chassis rakes offer working widths up to 10m.
  • Flagship four-rotor rake provides adjustable working widths up to 12.5m.