Fertiliser sales have been a little easier in recent weeks, according to the IFA's latest update on fertiliser prices.

It says local prices remain under downward pressure as a turf war develops in the Munster and South Leinster region with Yara now operating out of Cork.

CAN prices continue to drop both in the wholesale and retail market despite manufacturer’s efforts to stop a price slide, it says with buying resistance from farmers and merchants forcing manufacturers’ to lower prices.

Latest wholesale bulk cif German prices have dropped €7/t in the last fortnight to €215/t.

According to the IFA, this fall should be reflected in farm gate prices over the coming weeks.

Price quotes for granulated CAN in top-lift bags has dropped back to €260/t with buyer groups achieving further discounts for volume orders. Sul CAN is trading €7/t over CAN.

Compounds have also moved lower with the keenest quotes for 18-6-12 and 27-2.5-5 falling below the €370/t price mark for volume orders. 24-2.5-10 is trading €7/t over 27’s.

The IFA says farmers should continue to buy on a hand to mouth basis coordinating deliveries among a few neighbours as prices will drop further as the European fertiliser season moves to a close over the next 6 weeks.

IFA Fertiliser Price Update

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