Claas has unveiled two new models of its forage harvester, the Jaguar 980 and 970, which will replace current models in 2017.

New features on these models are designed to increase output, reduce downtime and generally result in greater convenience and productivity, according to Claas.

Key new features include:

1. New front attachment hydrostatic drive

The optional new continuously variable front attachment drive enables efficient power transmission at varying speeds.

This is a particular advantage when harvesting with the pick up and the Orbis maize front attachment, the manufacturer says.

If the chop length changes, the system is programmed to automatically make a corresponding adjustment to the front attachment speed, resulting in a very even crop flow and improved chop quality.

Furthermore, the operator can react to changing harvest conditions at any time by manually adjusting the automatically controlled front attachment speed.

2. Split power drive for front attachments

The constant-speed mechanical drive that has proven itself over many years of practical use remains standard on this new machine.

The mechanical drive can now also be combined with the continuously variable drive.

This split-power variant with mechanical and hydraulic drive provides high power transmission at a constant speed, which is expected to allow the direct disc and maize pickers to be driven powerfully and efficiently.

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3. Hydraulic clamping for the shear bar

On the new Jaguar, when setting the shear bar it is now clamped hydraulically for greater accuracy and speed.

During adjustment, the hydraulic clamp is released so that the shear bar can be set more accurately without resistance and then clamped back in its new position.

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4. Automatic adjustment of the concave

The chopping cylinder concave is now linked to the shear bar, so when the shear bar is adjusted so is the concave, according to the manufacturer.

This ensures it stays parallel to the cylinder as the blades wear, resulting in a more consistent crop flow and a saving in fuel.

5. New blade sharpening system

The new Jaguar also features a sharpening stone which is designed so that there is no flex, ensuring the blades maintain an even straight edge for an improved cut and a longer life.

Other new features include the ability to now use auto fill when filling to the rear, such as when opening a field.

Updates to the pick-ups include the availability of active contour which allows for far quicker and more accurate ground contour following.

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Meanwhile, new running gear also means that on the road the Jaguar can travel at 40kph at just 1300rpm, according to the manufacturer.

Fuel is also saved during harvesting thanks to an automatic engine speed reduction function when turning at the headland, it says.

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As well as reduced fuel consumption, the new ground drive system also produces more hydrostatic power, which results in more pulling power both in the field and on the road, Claas said.