Newry Show 2023 is to be supported by a number of businesses with a strong involvement in green and alternative energy.

These include: Gravis Farm; Assured Energy; Wilson’s Country; Edenmore Farm; AgriKomp; and Rosevale Farm.

This year’s event takes place in Bessbrook on Saturday, June 24.

According to Newry society chairman, Brian Lockhart, it makes sense for the show to have such a strong, energy-related theme.

“Agriculture has always been involved in the energy business. Back in the day, the south Down / south Armagh area had a very strong tradition of flax growing. And, in fact, many of the old retting dams remain as features on farms today,” he said.

“The flax was used to produce linen, which as exported around the world. But all of this was only made possible with the use of horses. And, of course, it was farmers, who were also growing the corn to feed these animals.”

According to Lockhart the alternative energy debate has simple moved on the next stage of its evolution.

“We have simply replaced horse power with biogas and green electricity. But farmers are still growing the crops required to make all of this work,” he added.

Fundraising for Newry Show

Lockhart made the comments while attending the recent ‘Big Breakfast’ fundraiser for this year’s Newry Show.

The event attracted a large turnout of individuals and family groups from the Armagh/Down catchment area. 

Brian Lockhart thanked everyone, who came along on the day. He said: “Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The food was delicious and I would like to say a particular thank you to all of those society members, who helped out in the kitchen over many hours.

“Everyone involved is a volunteer. And the success of the Big Breakfast is absolute testimony to their total commitment to Newry Show 2023.

“It wasn’t possible to hold a show during the Covid-19 lockdown. And society members did not feel that running an event last year was a feasible option, very much for financial reasons.”

He confirmed however, that it is ‘all systems go’ for 2023 and that all the show schedules are at an advanced stage of preparation.

“There will be a great turnout of livestock on the day, not to mention all the other fun events have now been scheduled,” Lockhart concluded.