A number of interesting and challenging jobs are available in the agriculture sector at the moment, across a range of interests, skills, locations and organisations.

Here, AgriLand previews just some of them. To find out more about these positions and others, visit AgriRecruit.


Teagasc has a number of interesting positions available.

These include the role of contract research officer for the VistaMilk project.

This job will be a temporary, externally funded non grant-in-aid contract post, the indicative duration of which is 58 months, subject to contract.

The position is based in Fermoy, Co. Cork, and will have a starting salary of €33,387 per annum, on a current salary scale of €33,056 to €64,981.

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Also as part of the VistaMilk project, there is a position available for a contract technician. This will be the same type of contract as the position above, though the indicative duration will be 36 months, subject to contract.

The position will also be based in Cork, and offers a starting salary of €29,584 per annum, on a current salary scale of €29,584 to €39,830.

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Teagasc is also looking for a farm operative to take on a permanent position in Kildalton College, Co. Kilkenny.

The staring salary will be €28,202 per annum, on a current salary scale of €28,202 to €32,177.

The job would include carrying out general day-to-day operations on the college farm.

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Finally, where Teagasc is concerned, a permanent position as a Walsh Fellowships development officer is available.

The role will be based at the Teagasc Head Office at Oak Park, Co. Carlow, where the successful applicant will be reporting to the Head of Research Operations.

The job has a starting salary of €33,971 per annum, on a current salary scale of €33,971 to €66,118.

The Walsh Fellowships development officer will be responsible for developing, co-ordinating and implementing development activities as part of the Teagasc Walsh Fellowships Programme.

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Lely is seeking to recruit two additional field service engineers for its Lely Center Mitchelstown business.

The roles involve working as part of the Lely service team according to planned schedules servicing robotic milking/feeding equipment and associated barn products throughout counties Cork, Kerry and Limerick.

Other duties include: ensuring high-quality service performance and customer satisfaction; building long-term relationships with customers; ensuring accurate daily and weekly reporting; and providing additional support for installations and start-up of robotic milking projects where necessary.

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The Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) in Northern Ireland is looking for a health and safety advisor, offering a salary of £30,526 to £32,157 (€33,693 to €35,493).

The job is located at AFBI Stormont (Veterinary Science Division) in Belfast. Further appointments may become available through this competition if more positions become vacant with similar duties.

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The AFBI is also in the market for a livestock research scientist, a position that will be based at AFBI Hillsborough, Co. Down.

The salary will be between £30,526 to £32,157 (€33,693 to €35,493), and will see the successful applicant lead significant livestock research programmes, reporting to the project leader of Sustainable Livestock Systems research team at AFBI Hillsborough.

As with the previous job, other appointments may be made from this competition if positions become available with similar duties.

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Finally this week, and staying in Northern Ireland, the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) is looking for four members to sit on its College Advisory Group to represent the following sectors: international relations; environment in the supply chain; production horticulture; and equine.

These three-year appointments will start from January 1, 2020, and offer daily remuneration of £225, appropriate care of dependants (including childcare costs) and travel expenses.

Applicants must have recent experience and knowledge of the sector they wish to represent.

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