A lamb has been rescued after being trapped for five days in a hole caused by the recent earthquake in New Zealand.

The lamb was discovered by Geologist, Richard Phillips who works for environmental and engineering consultants, Tonkin and Taylor.

The lamb was found trapped in the chasm in the Waiau region on the South Island, nearly 60km from the epicentre of the earthquake in Kaikoura.

Philips came across the trapped lamb while out surveying damage caused to land in the area by the earthquake.

This is not the first livestock rescue story from New Zealand, following the natural disaster.

Three cattle were left stranded on a land island, following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake on the south island of New Zealand.

The footage showed two cows and a calf trapped with nowhere to go following a number of landslides in the aftermath of the natural disaster.

Multiple land tremors were reported following the quake which happened on November 13.

Once conditions allowed, the farmer was forced to dig a trench large enough to allow the cows to return to lower ground and return to the rest of the herd.


The earthquake also disrupted milk collection services for a number of days due to roads being blocked by landslide, forcing dairy processors to reroute milk lorries.

For up to a week after the quake hit, dairy farmers supplying Fonterra were forced to dump milk as they remained cut off due to road blockages.