‘Monumental consultation’ launched for Welsh farmers

The head of one of Wales’ farming unions has pleaded for farmers who want to see a “prosperous industry after Brexit, with food production at its core”, to make their views heard.

National Farmers’ Union’s (NFU) Cymru president, John Davies launched the “monumental consultation” on Thursday, September 13.

Davies explained that he understood how responding to a consultation is something new to many and may cause a level of apprehension among farmers.

He said: “NFU Cymru has worked hard to design a simple, straightforward online response form for every farmer, rural business and community group to submit their own response to the Welsh Government.

“This facilitated form, available in both English and Welsh, is accessible on all electronic devices and allows respondents to express their views on each key area of the consultation.”

He expressed his hope that everyone has had the chance to consider the proposals within the consultation.

The fundamental question that each and every one of us needs to ask is whether the proposals are going to work for your farming businesses.

“Now is the time to have one united voice from the farming industry. This consultation and the proposals put forward by Welsh Government, will affect every single Welsh farmer.

Each and every one of us has a responsibility to make our views known and to seek to positively influence the direction of this consultation.

“We have an opportunity here – have your say, let’s make it count.”

Those who do not have good internet access or have any questions on the consultation proposals can attend their local county meeting or speak to their nearest NFU Cymru group secretary who will be able to help.

A link to the consultation form is available here.