A new range of Quicke front loaders was recently revealed by manufacturer Alo AB, as well as a number of online support systems.

The new Q-series of front loaders was launched by the manufacturer at a private event in Sweden in October.

The launch was attended by delegates from 18 different countries, including people from the US, Australia and New Zealand.

The Q-series loader represents a completely new and unique generation of front loaders, according to the manufacturer.

Quicke also offers a variety of implements for both front loaders and telehandlers, including bale handlers, silage grabs, buckets, grapes and counter weights.

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Alo AB has been manufacturing and developing front loaders under the brands Quicke and Trima, as well as implements under Original Implements since 1949.

In addition to the new series of front loaders, the company has launched a number of online support systems.

This will include a newly developed product configurator to give customers and end users instant access to information around the clock, according to Alo AB.

With the help of the newly developed configurator system, the manufacturer will be able to ask the customers leading questions on a selected tractor model, the Project Manager E-Sales at Ålö AB, Fredrik Granstrom, has said.

Out of these answers we will be able to present the right loader combination complete with suitable control systems and accessories.

"The current systems within the agricultural machinery industry are becoming more and more complex, and it has become harder and harder for customers to manage. A focus for us has been to ensure simplicity within this process.

"Our new web-based E-Sales system will make it easier for the customer to find the right products and accessories for their tractors and it will be done in an efficient and easy way," he said.

Granstrom believes this system will be top in its class and will undoubtedly improve the company's competitiveness.

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The company also aim to open up an E-learning portal where dealer and importer representatives around the world will be able to educate themselves on Alo AB's products, marketing and services.

The E-Support systems, which is expected to be accessible around the clock, will be launched during the second quarter of 2017.