Scottish livestock farmers urged to sign up for Open Farm Sunday

With one month to go until LEAF Open Farm Sunday, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) is calling on Scottish livestock farmers to get behind the initiative on June 9.

Working with Linking the Environment and Farming (LEAF), QMS is encouraging farmers and crofters throughout the country to share their farming story.

The aim of the initiative is to deliver an invaluable opportunity to engage with the public on farms to improve understanding and build loyalty.

In doing so the initiative also hopes to educate consumers to make informed buying decisions and support the food and farming industry in Scotland.

So far, more than 20 farmers in Scotland have signed up to take part in the initiative but QMS and LEAF are keen to inspire many more to participate.

Getting involved can be as simple as hosting a farm walk for a dozen people or a more ambitious involvement could see hundreds of people welcomed to a day of activities on-farm.

Any farmer or crofter who hosts an event can access a range of free resources including flyers, postcards, gate banners, arrows and information posters to help promote their event once they register on the LEAF Open Farm Sunday website.

Kate Rowell, QMS chairman, said: “We are proud to again be supporting LEAF Open Farm Sunday and this year, more than ever before, we are urging livestock farmers to consider getting involved.

It is vital that, as an industry, we take every opportunity to get our sustainability and animal welfare credentials over by working with the public and LEAF Open Farm Sunday presents an excellent platform to do so.

“Even if it is just in a very small way, it really does help to make a difference and QMS will be providing support materials to help farmers who get involve educate the public and inspire them with Scotch Beef, Scotch Lamb and Specially Selected Pork recipes.”

Rebecca Dawes, Scottish co-ordinator of LEAF Open Farm Sunday encouraged farmers and crofters to get involved.

“LEAF Open Farm Sunday is a great opportunity for farmers to engage with the public with the knowledge that they are in control,” she said.

“Whether they host a farm walk for a few people or a full open day – every event matters and every conversation helps bridge that gap between producers and consumers.”

For more information about the farms taking part this year or for more information on how to get involved in LEAF Open Farm Sunday, visit: