UK kickstarts talks to join £9 trillion global trade bloc

The UK is kicking off its first negotiation meeting with all 11 members of CPTPP – a major trans-Pacific bloc which includes Canada, Japan, Mexico and Australia.

While other members have previously met to discuss the UK’s application, the first UK-attended meeting of the CPTPP’s UK Accession Working Group begins virtually in the early hours of Tuesday, September 28.

These talks will kick off a series of negotiations on the UK’s accession to the trading partnership.

CPTPP had a combined GDP of £9 trillion in 2019, and is home to 500 million people including some of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing economies across Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

Joining the partnership could mean tariff-free trade for 99.9% of UK exports, including food and drink, and cars, while also creating new opportunities for modern industries like tech and services, ultimately supporting and creating high-value jobs across the UK.

International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan said:

“This is a big milestone on our path to joining CPTPP, which will allow us to forge stronger links both with old friends and some of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Joining this high-standards partnership will provide real opportunities for UK exporters and service providers and help our innovators open up new, diverse markets.

“Seizing opportunities like this is exactly what Global Britain is about and will help bring high-quality jobs and prosperity to every region of our country.”