More than 50 NFU Cymru members have united in a video message declaring their commitment to feed the nation throughout the Covid-19 outbreak and beyond.

The new NFU Cymru video features farmers from across Wales outlining the work they do to keep high-quality, sustainable and delicious food on the plate of the British consumer.

NFU Cymru president John Davies, who features in the video, said: “During a time of extreme stress and strain, not just for our industry but for the whole world, I am thrilled that our enthusiastic members have come together in a show of unity to deliver a positive message to the general public

“Although our industry continues to face sizeable challenges as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, farmers across Wales are steadfast in their commitment to ensuring that the public receives a good supply of safe, high-quality, fully-traceable food produced to world-leading standards, throughout this current crisis and well into the future.

"Watching this video, I think it is evident that farmers take immense pride in their integral role in keeping the nation fed and it is a role that we do not take for granted.

“Farmers, like the rest of society, are observing social distancing measures that mean we cannot get together. But despite the restrictions, I also believe this video is an important demonstration that the unique camaraderie in our rural communities is alive and well.”