At Christmas time the radio will be playing all the classics and no matter how hard you try to resist you will end up humming along.

Whether you're listening to the radio in the kitchen, in the car on the way to mass or in the tractor on the way to feed the cattle then you are sure to hear these songs.

1. Fairytale of New York - The Pogues and Kirsty McCall

Let’s be clear here. This is one of the greatest Christmas songs of all time.

It’s sure to be on all local radio stations on Christmas morning. Ideal ‘tuneage’ to be playing in the kitchen as you’re peeling the spuds for the dinner.

*Editor’s note: You are allowed to sing to your hearts content when this song comes on.

2. Merry Christmas Everyone - Shakin’ Stevens

This is one of those eternal classics that will never get old. A classic on Christmas morning.

This upbeat tune is sure to get you up dancing around the Christmas table and get you in the festive spirit.

3. Grandma got run over by a reindeer - Elmo and Patsy

Grandma drank too much eggnog and forget her medication. Like plenty of people across the country today!

One of the stranger songs on the radio around this festive period, but none the less it's sure to get a laugh from the whole family.

4. All I want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey

A song that everybody knows the words too, especially all the love birds out there.

You have to be a very talented singer to reach that high note at the end or you could end up looking a bit foolish.

5. Last Christmas - Wham!

Like it or not, everybody knows the words to this song. This song will inevitably lead you to think of that person that it took you a little longer to get over than all the others - but it's still a great song!

One of the most popular songs of all time at this time of year and it doesn't look like it will fall from the airwaves in the coming years either.

6. Driving Home For Christmas - Chris Rea

The perfect tune to be playing on the radio as you make the journey home to enjoy the holidays at home with all your family.

Whether you're at home or abroad and planning on making the trip home this song should definitely make journey playlist.

7. Rockin Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee

A classic that never gets old, it can be enjoyed by young and old.

Sure to be played at least across all the radio stations on Christmas day and sure to get you in the mood to go on St Stephen's Day.

8. Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Michael Buble

Christmas songs are generally timeless classics that just sound cheesy when modern artists cover them.

But Canadian crooner Michael Buble is a popular choice on any radio station during the festive period.

9. Do they know it's Christmas time - Band Aid

This song will be played time and again this across all Irish radio stations, it's still is a heart-warming song that makes you think about those less fortunate than you.

An impressive collection of artists feature in the original song recorded in 1984, which was also re-recorded by artists in 2014.

10. I wish it could be Christmas Every Day - Wizzard

This song does exactly what it says on the tin, it makes you wish it was Christmas every day.

All the memories, presents, the glorious food and the time off work - it really is a great time of year.