An autumn farm walk is set to take place at Patrick and Sheila Greed’s 700ac, Columbjohn Farm, Exeter, to view their award-winning Killerton herd of Limousin cattle.

The National Beef Association (NBA) south-west has announced that the commercially-run pedigree herd will host the event on Wednesday, October 10.

Patrick Greed prides himself on producing modern, well-fleshed bulls that are suitable for both commercial and pedigree breeders which will go on to produce progeny that the retail market desires.

His aim is to breed cattle with good growth, muscling and meat yield. This commercial focus can be seen in his finished progeny, of which over 80% grade out at either E or U.

As well as concentrating on carcass traits, Patrick puts a strong focus on calving ease, mobility and temperament as he breeds his own replacements.

The pedigree proportion of the 160-strong suckler herd has increased over the years through the retention of home-bred heifers and now makes up over 80% of the herd.

Killerton bulls

The genetic improvement of the herd has been enhanced through the use of A.I. as well as a strict replacement policy only retaining heifers which show favourable performance and characteristics.

Heifers and bulls that are not sold for breeding or kept for replacements are finished in an ad-lib system.

Speaking on the progression of his herd, Patrick stated: “Our pedigree herd began when we decided to breed our own stock bulls. We started with a small nucleus herd and realised that by breeding bulls we could add value to what we produce.

"From then on the Killerton Limousins has grown and we are now selling up to 30 breeding bulls each year.”

Killerton grazing

The farm walk will begin at 11:00am with a welcome from Patrick followed by a tour of the farm and short talks including a discussion on maximising cattle health at housing presented by event sponsor Boehringer Ingelheim.

With winter housing on the horizon, the talk will touch on prevention methods such as building adaptations to help maintain health during the housed period and minimise production losses.

The event will finish with a late lunch provided by local sponsor and feed supplier of the Greeds, Crediton Milling.