Conservative MP Rob Butler has raised the issue of hare coursing in the House of Commons and urged Home Secretary Priti Patel to support firm action by the police.

The MP for Aylesbury says that farmers in his constituency frequently raise concerns with him about rural crime, which he said can have "a profound impact on their livelihoods, as well as causing distress and anxiety".

Speaking in the House of Commons, Butler shared this with Secretary Patel and asked for her assurance that rural crime will continue to be taken seriously by government.

"I've been very alarmed to hear of large-scale and dangerous hare coursing in my constituency, where heavily armed people are coming onto farmers' land and then live streaming these chases to China, where there is heavy betting being put on the chase," he said.

"So will my Right Honourable Friend support Thames Valley Police in their efforts to tackle this appalling offence and reassure farmers in Buckinghamshire that rural crime will always be taken seriously by this government?"

Home Secretary, Priti Patel replied:

"Well my Honourable Friend is absolutely right.

"He knows the strength of feeling around this issue amongst the front bench and colleagues on our side of the House, which is why we have the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Court Bill that we are urging everyone to back and I would like to commend Thames Valley Police in particular for everything that they're doing on this."