One Galway man's remix of the song 'I took a pill in Ibiza' is fast-becoming an internet hit as the original lyrics are replaced with farming-related ones.

'I took some silage down in Loughrea' by Sir Stevo Timothy, aka Farmer Michael, has amassed over 460,000 views on Facebook.

Farmer Michael, who is self-described as a professional tomfool and attempted stand-up, started off by writing satirical articles in his spare time before eventually recording himself acting the clown, according to his Facebook page.

The video shows Farmer Michael driving his car and singing the song, which goes like this:

"I took some silage down in Loughrea to show the farmers I'm a fool. I got plenty money in the bank and a new slurry tank and I'm sitting at the bar on a stool.

"I'm living up in Galway where the fairy boys drink their wine. I got a good cut of land, plenty money in my hand and my pants is held up with twine.

"But you don't want to foot turf like me, sunburnt down in A and E. You don't want to step off a moving tractor like a blaguard."

It's certainly hit the nail on the head when it comes farming; from baling twine to sunburn!

I Took Some Silage Down in LoughreaI Took Some Silage Down in Loughrea (full version).

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I took a pill in Ibiza remix.

Posted by Sir Stevo Timothy on Friday, 6 May 2016